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Creation and your Permanent Physical Atom

At the time that God created us he blew life into our 
Permanent Physical Atom which is our true and pure self.  
It follows us from life time to life time and records impressions of all that we are. That could be why He named the first man “Adam” 
made from “Atoms”.  

Our Permanent Physical Atom is the screen that our lives are viewed on, the story being told – the projector that plays the image even the person operating the projector. Thus, in essence we are the soul shapers and formers of the world in which we live. We are self made beings – yet - only the successful will admit it.  

Those who are unaware will often say and do things without understanding the workings of the subconscious mind which is constantly and diligently producing its directives. It does not reason for you. When one says, “I am sick of this or that” their subconscious mind responds and eventually they get sick. But that does not have to be the case. Every one makes mistakes and says things that they don’t mean. The blessing is that we can counterbalance our negativity by thinking and saying things of a more positive nature.  

One way to make a positive change is to start by looking around you and count your blessings. Can you see anything of beauty? If so, this is the time to embellish that beauty. Make it better. Change the great things about your life into even greater excellence and perfection. I guarantee they can get better and they will get better when you focus your positive energy on them.

But, you must remember that you and your Permanent Physical Atom are the developer of the program that is being played on the computer screen of your mind. 

Take a moment and think about what it was that you did to create what you see and then make the necessary changes to your personal image. You will begin to realize a difference simply by 
being the change that you want to see happen.  
It all starts with you. Don't give up for if you do you may not like the direction you are headed in.  

Either way – positive change, negative change or no change- others will see you for who it is that you created your self to be. 
Your Permanent Physical Atom like any atom is continually spinning, 
moving either upward or downward yet always onward.  
The end result all depends on you.

Shalom, Hotep, Peace, As Salaam Aliakum and God Bless,